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Transferring email from old UCL account (SquirrelMail)

Please note, we recommend that you use SquirrelMail as an archive to check your old email messages. These instructions are intended for users who want to transfer emails/folders onto their live@ucl account and wish to set this up themselves.

Step 1: Configure old UCL Account onto Email Client (i.e. Thunderbird, Outlook) - the below links describe how to do this using Thunderbird:

Cluster WTS:

Standalone PC:

NB: For other email clients the following server settings are required:

Within UCL
SSL: Enabled
Port No: 993

Outside UCL
SSL: Enabled
Port No: 993

Step 2: Configure Live@UCL Account onto Email Client - the below link describes how to do this for different email clients:

Step 3: Select Email Messages/Folders you want to transfer and move them onto the Live@UCL Mailbox.

Thunderbird: Select Messages & Right Click Mouse > Move To > Live@UCL
For Folders: you will need to highlight and then drag & drop onto Live@UCL

Outlook 2003: Select Folder/Messages > Edit > Move to Folder > Live@UCL

Thunderbird Migration