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MS Entourage 2008 Web Services Edition

Minimum System Requirements;

Office 2008 Update 12.2.5

MAC O/S Tiger 10.4.9

Download MS Office 2008 Update 12.2.5Click Here

Download MS Entourage Web Services Edition. Click Here

Step 1. Open Entourage, Entourage > Account Settings


Step 2. Click the new icon in the top left hand corner.


Step 3. Enter your E-mail address and tick the box "My account is on an exchange server".  Then click the purple forward arrow to proceed.


Step 4.  Entourage will then automatically redirect you to the server to retrieve new settings.  Click the button "Always use my response for this server", and click Allow.


Step 5.  Enter your full live@UCL ID in the Account ID box.  E.G Enter your Password.  Leave the Domain Box empty.  Tick the checkbox "Save password in my mac OS Keychain" and then click the OK button.


Step 6.  Click the Purple forward arrow to proceed.


Step 7. Add your name to the Your Name box. This is the name people will see when you send them an E-mail.

  • The Exchange server box will already be populated.
  • Remove all information in the LDAP server box so that it is empty. 
  • Click the Purple forward arrow to proceed.

Step 8.  Click the Verify My Settings button and wait for confirmation your account settings have been verified.  Then click the purple forward arrow to proceed.


Step 9.  Add your Account name to the box.  This is the display name you will see present within Entourage as your mailbox name.  Click the Finish button to proceed.


You have now set up your live@UCL exchange account within MS Entourage Web Services edition.