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Apple Mail Live@UCL

The following Mac O/S is required to connect to live@UCL with Apple Mac Mail,
Snow Leopard V10.6

The advantages of Snow Leopard V10.6 include greater integration with MS Exchange, therefore Apple Mail is able to sync with ICAL for live@UCL.

Please contact your local departmental IT Support to arrange a possible upgrade or alternative solution if you use an earlier version.

  • If you are using Apple Mail for the first time go straight to Step 2 and the welcome screen.
  • If you are currently using Apple Mail then:

Step 1.  Navigate to File > Add Account

mac1 AppleMail live@UCL Mac (iCal)

Step 2.  At the welcome screen, please fill out your;


Email Address (your full live@UCL ID e.g


Then Click Continue to proceed.


Step 3.  The live account will be recognised and the following success screen will be displayed showing your details.  Put a tick beside Address Book contacts and iCal Calendars and click Create.

mac3 AppleMail live@UCL Mac (iCal)

Step 4.  The account will now be created and you will find it on the navigation pane on the left hand side.

mac 4 AppleMail live@UCL Mac (iCal)

You are now set up to use live@UCL with Apple mail.