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Live@UCL Alumni email

This is a free service that you can use after you leave UCL. The live@UCL email account that you've been using during your time at UCL will remain active after you leave UCL.

What will be my email address?

Your 'From' email address will change from to

E.g will become

However, any messages sent to your old email address will continue to be delivered.

What is included?

  • Access your email, calendar & contacts from anywhere using Outlook Web App. 
  • Access to Notes & Tasks
  • Online support documentation 
  • 10GB of storage space

What do I need to do?

The email address changes will take place on or after 1st August 2012 for undergraduates leaving this summer, and at variable dates for students leaving at other times. You will receive an email from the ISD Service Desk when your address has been changed.

You will continue to use the same userid and password to log in as you do now, so you shouldn't experience any disruption.

We strongly recommend that you sign up for the User Authentication Service (UAS) via MyAccount. This will allow you to reset your password online – even if you forget it in the future, or if you are abroad. It will save you having to call the Service Desk (telephone calls being more costly from abroad than using MyAccount).

We will continue to reset passwords every 150 days, in line with UCL password policy.

You can register for UAS now, you do not have to wait until your email address changes.

Important information