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Live@UCL Bookmarks

In order to bookmark the new Live@UCL login page, you will need to manually edit the URL in your bookmark settings. Please find instructions below:

Instructions for Internet Explorer 10

Firefox (22.0)

1. Go to the Live@UCL email website by typing in ‘’ in the address bar as shown in the diagram.


2. Once you are on the login page, click on the book with a star icon towards the top-right hand corner of the browser and then select 'Bookmark This Page' button. As shown in the diagram below


3. This will prompt you to bookmark the page. It will be stored in the Unsorted Bookmarks folder. Now click 'Done'.


4. You will have now bookmarked the page. Now you will need to edit the bookmark to the correct address. Go back to the Bookmark Folder Icon in the top right hand corner. Then click on Unsorted Bookmarks as shown below.


5. In the new window that appears you should see an entry 'Sign in to Office 365' as shown below. Highllight this and you will see the properties at the bottom of the screen. You need to change the Location entry which currently has ''


6. Type in to the Location field ‘’ as show in the diagram below and click ‘OK’.


7. You have now correctly bookmarked the Live@UCL email login page. You can then drag and drop the bookmark to your correct bookmark folder location.