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What is the difference between IMAP and POP?

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Are you using IMAP or POP?
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Managing your email

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)

IMAP is not an email program in itself. Just like POP, it is a protocol by which you can read email. IMAP allows you to view your email from more than one place. E.g. from your desktop computer at work and from your laptop at home and from abroad and from your mobile device - multiple locations.

To use IMAP effectively, you need to make sure that each program on each computer that you use to view your UCL email is set up to use IMAP.

Watch your quota!

With IMAP all of your email is stored on your Central Filestore space which has a quota limit. If you run out of space on your Central Filestore you will not be able to download new emails into your account! You can check your incoming mailsize and quota online. 

POP (Post Office Protocol)

POP is suitable if you have no need to check your email in multiple locations. If you only ever check your UCL email on your computer at work, for example, then POP is fine for this purpose.

Please note: checking your email only from within WTS counts as only one location - even if you login to WTS from within UCL and from home. This is because no matter where you use WTS, it is as if you are really in UCL.

Some people get around this by leaving email on the server so that they can view their email from multiple places. We do not recommend that this method is used. If you really wish to view your email in different locations, please use IMAP instead.