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Self Service Directory
Leaving mail on server

It is possible to get your emails forwarded to another address, but this is not something that we recommend.

Forwarding to a UCL departmental account

Staff members in particular may choose to forward their Main UCL email to a departmental account. In order to do this you need to go to the Self Service Directory page.

Add an address next to Email address for forwarding: ensuring that this is correct - check this carefully - if it is not correct then you will lose your UCL e-mail. Once you have done this click on Submit to activate the forwarding.

Forwarding to an external account

We strongly discourage people from doing this. E-mail delivery to external destinations, particularly large ISPs who offer free e-mail can be unreliable. In addition there can be long delays, or mailbox quotas are sometimes exceeded which results in e-mail not being delivered at all. UCL has no control over and no way of knowing whether e-mail has been delivered. For these and other security reasons, we do not recommend forwarding as a way of managing your email.

Please note: we do not offer the option of leaving a copy of your mail on the server.