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Send email securely from outside UCL

Secure SMTP

Secure SMTP for sending mail through the UCL SMTP (outgoing) servers from outside of UCL. This is to ensure that systems are as secure as possible and to stop people relaying junk mail through the UCL mail servers.

If you have your UCL e-mail already configured on your own machine outside of UCL then you will need to follow the instructions below in order to send mail through the UCL SMTP (outgoing) server.

Please remember to use your own userid when following the examples.

The instructions apply whether you are a POP or IMAP user.

Still having problems sending mail?

Are you using Norton Anti-virus and receiving the following message?
"An encrypted email connection has been detected. Please see help for more information on how to send encrypted mail"

Outbound email scanning in Norton Antivirus is incompatible with a secure SMTP connection. See this article in the Norton Knowledgebase - [External link].

You may see a password authentication error message, or (in Mozilla's Thunderbird emailer) you may not be prompted for a password at all. To get around this problem you need to turn off outbound email scanning.