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What is UCL Drop Box?

When it comes to sharing documents with colleagues, suppliers, friends or even just sending a file to ourselves to pick up elsewhere, the first thing we usually think about is sending an email attachment. But this isn't always the best approach for a few reasons:

  • It slows down the email service for everyone;
  • If the file is large, it will use a large chunk of the recipient's account quota;
  • If you have a file to send to a number of people, you end up having multiple copies of the same file sitting on the central server. This in turn takes up space and potentially affects general performance of central systems.

To avoid these issues, Information Systems have provided a new service called UCL dropbox. This tool replaces the need to send an attachment via email, or even faxing or mailing a document. You simply upload a file from your computer to a central location, and the recipient(s) are simultaneously notified by email that you wish to share a file with them.

There are two categories of users who can access the system:

  1. UCL members
  2. External users

A UCL member can drop off files for other UCL members or even external users (anyone anywhere else with an email address).

An external user can drop off files for UCL members only.

Whether you are an UCL member or an external user, everyone can pick up files which have been dropped off for them.

This service is currently a PILOT.