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Listing your files

From the Dropbox menu is an option to List Files.

This gives you a list of files currently waiting for you to pick up:

List of files (2)

When you click on the Pickup ID you will be presented with a screen with details about the file:

Example of pick up information

From name:The name of the person who sent you the file
From org: The organisation to which the sender belongs
From email: The sender's email address
From IP: The IP address from which the file was sent
To name: The recipient's (your) name
To extras: Names of other recipients
To email: The recipient's (your) email address
File basename: The name of the file
File content_type: The type of file (jpg, txt, pdf, doc etc)
File length: The size of the file (in bytes)
File desc: A description of the file as entered by the sender

Upon clicking on the download button, you will be offered the option of opening the file or saving it to your hard drive.