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Configuring Pine to check your UCL email

To configure Pine to use IMAP

At the Socrates Unix prompt type:

ln -s imap-mail/mbox mbox

This is because Pine looks in the wrong place for your IMAP In box (mbox file). This creates a symbolic link so that Pine picks up your mail correctly.

To then configure Pine to use IMAP follow the instructions below:

  1. Run Pine
  2. Type s for Setup
  3. Type 1 for Collection Lists
  4. Type a to Add a new collection and enter the following information:
Nickname: IMAP Folders

   5.  Leave Path and View blank
   6.  Type ctrl and x and y to save your entry

Please note: When you view your folder list, you should now see entries for your Local Folders and IMAP folders. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to move mail from your Local Folders to your IMAP Folders. Instead, you have to create and name folders in your IMAP Folders space identical to those under your Local Folders and transfer the messages between the Local Folders and the identically named IMAP Folders.

To view your In mailbox and new mail, you need to select Message Index from the main Pine menu as opposed to Folder List. Selecting Folder List will display a list of other IMAP folders that you have created and not your In mailbox.