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Wired Halls of Residence

Activating your connection

Network connections in Halls of Residence are free of charge to UCL staff and students, all you need to do is connect your machine to the dataport in your room and then activate the connection.

Moving room or changing your machine

If you change room, either within the same Hall or to another connected Halls of Residence then you will just need to activate your connection in the new room as before. As soon as you do this your old connection will be disabled.  If you change your machine then activate as before.  Any previous connections you have registered will also be disabled.


If you are experiencing problems with your connection or cannot register, please see our troubleshooting guide before requesting support from the Halls of Residence support team.

Terms of use and conditions of service

All connections to the UCL Halls of Residence Service are in accordance with the UCL Computing Regulations