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Check your network cable

Make sure that your Ethernet cable is securely connected to the wall port as well as the port on the back of the computer. Make sure you have connected this to your data point and not a telephone point in your room.

Once you have properly connected the cable, you should see a green "link light" near your computers Ethernet port, indicating a valid physical network connection. The link light is usually green and remain on all the time or will be blinking. If not, first check that the cable is really an Ethernet cable (this is different to a phone cable). Try and see if the cable works on someone else's machine. If it works on another machine, but not yours, you may have a broken data port or faulty network card.

Check DHCP is enabled

Make sure that you have enabled DHCP on your machine, and restart your machine.

Have you changed your hardware?

If you have changed your machine and/or Ethernet card you must re-register the connection as it will not work. This is because every computer connected to the network has a unique number associated with the network interface card called the MacAddress which you bind to the data socket when you register your connection.

Why can't I phone the Network Group?

This Group is responsible for maintaining over 25,000 data connections in a geographical area from Stanmore in North London to Guildford in Surrey . Most of the time staff are out on site. We have found the most effective way of dealing with problems is to receive them via email and log them in our Service Desk tracking system.

Why haven't I received a reply to my email to halls-connect?

So far several hundred people have connected up, and we are working our way through emails from those who have problems. It is UCL policy that all students should read their College email, and we always send our replies to College email accounts. This message is the only time we will be emailing hotmail, yahoo etc. Accounts. Please read your College email, and when you email us, if you are using a hotmail or other ISP account you must include your UCL userid. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PASSWORD.

When I try and look at the registration site I get the error "Page not found".

This almost certainly means that either you have not configured your network card correctly or DHCP correctly. It may also be that your cable is damaged. If you have a Windows 2000 machine then go to

  • Start, then Run and then type command in the box.
  • When the Command Prompt window opens type in ipconfig /all

If the ipaddress starts with 169. rather than 192. then your machine is not talking to the network for the reasons given above.