Computers at UCL
Computer workrooms
Student desktop services (desktop@UCL) Central filestore
Using your own computer
Software available Unix timesharing service

Computing regulations


Computer workrooms

There are about 50 open-access computer workrooms running centrally managed Windows desktops around campus and on some outlying sites. These can be used on a drop-in basis when they are not booked for classes. Some rooms are never booked for classes, but can get busy at certain times of year, so it may be worth checking out a few options.

Want to check your email while having a break between lectures?

There are a number of quick login kiosks in various Student Union locations - tucked into corners or just off access routes. These are suitable for a quick ten-minute session, just enough time to check your email or send a print job!

Using your own computer

You can use your own computer to access our services, including desktop@UCL anywhere in the world providing you have an internet connection.

Departmental IT equipment

Some departments provide specific, additional facilities for their own students, some of which may interface with centrally-provided services. You will need to ask your department about the setup & use of these.