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Web and e-mail

Using the WWW

If Internet Explorer/Firefox does not display non-Western documents correctly:

  1. Click View | Encoding/Character Encoding and choose the appropriate language and text direction.
  2. You may need to click More to find the language you need.


Eudora and UCL Webmail do not support e-mail in non-Western character sets. Please use Thunderbird, Outlook, or Google Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc. in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Writing webpages

You can create Webpages in most non-Roman fonts in recent versions of Dreamweaver without difficulty, as long as you set the page encoding to Unicode (UTF-8). To do this, in Dreamweaver, go to Edit | Preferences | New Document | Default Encoding and select Unicode (UTF-8).

Unfortunately this does not work for right-left languages e.g. Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew and Urdu. The easiest solution for these languages is to use MS Frontpage on an unManaged machine.