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We routinely scan the Central Filestores in order to reduce the number of computer viruses at UCL. We have found that 88% of infected files contain Word macro viruses, which work by infecting Word templates.

Word uses template files to define the basic look of your Word documents, E.g that it uses Ariel, size 12 font, with set margins etc. The default template file loaded every time you start up Word is called and this is located in the N:\MyWork\WordDocuments\Templates\ folder in WTS.

Unfortunately, virus writers use as the distribution point of Word macro viruses. Once an infected document has been opened, becomes contaminated, which in turn infects all documents opened until has been disinfected.

To help combat the propagation of Word macro viruses, your file is replaced with a fresh copy each time you login to WTS.

If you have not made any changes to your default Word template, no action is required.

Create your own

If you want to use your own Word template as your default (with your own font styles, margins etc), you must create a new template called and save it in the N:\MyWork\WordDocuments\MyTemplates\ folder.

The WTS system will check for the file:


If you have created your own template file in your WTS account this file will be copied across and will overwrite your N:\MyWork\WordDocuments\Templates\ as you login to WTS. If you have not created a file, then a default Word template from the WTS system will be used instead.

Many users may have already made changes to their default template. To avoid any modifications you have already made to being lost, a copy of the file will be saved to N:\MyWork\WordDocuments\MyTemplates\, the first time you login after the implementation of the new policy. If you wish to use this file as your default template, rename it to

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