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Virus protection on WTS

How to deal with SPAM or Junk mail Central Filestore

TREND: (non-interactive) Anti-virus software which resides on the Terminal Servers. Files are automatically scanned as and when they are accessed (e.g. opened, copied or moved). You can not initiate a manual scan on either your files or drives. Virus Scanning Filestore

The Central Filestore is scanned every night. Infected files are cleaned and the users notified.

Virus Scanning of emails

The virus scanning system currently scans all emails sent through Information Systems SMTP servers, and all incoming email sent to addresses of the form

We also scan for Spam, and those messages detected as being Spam are flagged by inserting the text {SPAM?} in the subject line which means these messages can be filtered to the trash folder.

In addition, the system blocks some attachments with double file-extensions, for example myfile.doc.bat as these are often used by viruses. If you are intending to send a file as an attachment, it is advisable to avoid using filenames with a '.' in them, for example as these may be blocked.

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