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Setting your default printer on Staff WTS

Below are instructions on how to set your local or networked printer as default.

staff PC Setting your default local printer on a Staff Managed PC

First you need to set the printer as default on the Underlying system.

Your default printer has to be set as default before you log in to WTS.

1.  On the Start Panel, go to Tools > Control Panel:


2.  Then from Control Panel, click on Select Printer :


3.  Select your printer and click on the Set Default Printer button:


You have now set your default printer on the underlying system. You should also set it in WTS:

Set your local printer as default in WTS

If WTS forgets which printer to use it will default to zzzzzz . This is not a real print queue, if you do print something to this queue by accident it will not be sent to any printer.
If your default printer is not set automatically when you login into your WTS account follow these instructions:

1.  In Staff WTS go to Start > Settings > Printers and find your printer in the list. It will be of the form < machine_name >#< printer_name > e.g. eisd-ws203#HP DeskJet 895Cxi Series Printer.


2.  Right click on this printer icon and select Create Shortcut from the sub menu that appears. Say Yes to place the shortcut on the desktop.

3. Close the printers window and close or minimise any other applications that you have open and you will see the shortcut icon on your Desktop.

Now if ever your local printer does not set as default automatically you can set it manually by right clicking on this icon and selecting Set As Default.

If this menu item has a tick next to it as shown here, then your printer will be used as the default printer for all applications within WTS.

Getting help

Please contact the ISD Service Desk if you are having problems setting your printer as default.

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