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The Staff WTS service connects to a group of servers which we refer to as the farm.

When you log in to WTS, you are connected to the server which has the least load at the time of logging in. This allows sufficient capacity for users to work on the farm should one of the servers have to be taken out of service.

All of these servers in the farm run the same software so it will not make a difference which server you connect to. You will still login in the same way and access your files in the same way.

If you have any problems using Staff WTS and phone the ISD Service Desk the first thing they will ask you is which WTS server you are connected to.

Which server am I connected to?

To find out which server you are using minimise all of the software programs you have open so that you can see your WTS Desktop. Single click the My Computer icon. Under My Computer, you will see three characters 'STS' and then a number. The number indicates which server you are on.

In the example below the user is connected to the STS3 server:

My Computer icon

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