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What are the differences between a WTS PC, Standalone Staff WTS and Web WTS?

Staff WTS PC
Standalone Staff WTS
Central Filestore
File restores
Virus checking on WTS

You can find out more about each of these services by clicking on one of the links above. However we have tried to summarise the services for you below.


A WTS PC is desktop computer which runs the Staff WTS service only. All applications are held on a central server and are delivered to you, the user, over the network.

Each user has an area of personal space on the Central Filestore. The Filestore is 'backed-up' every night. All of your preferences and Windows settings are stored on a 'per user basis' allowing you to move to any other WTS PC and still have the same personalised setup.

New and updated software is added automatically without the need for any changes by you personally.

The WTS PC setup makes it possible to recover from a range of common problems very quickly and easily, and helps to avoid the problems of data loss.

Standalone Staff WTS

You can also run Staff WTS from a regular computer such as a Windows XP PC or a Mac. We call these computers 'Standalone' because the computers themselves are not managed (or looked after) by the Information Services Division. They may be departmentally supported instead. This means that you (or your department) are responsible for backups and keeping your computer secure such as from the threat of viruses.

To use Staff WTS from a Standalone PC, you will need to install a piece of software which will allow you to log in to Staff WTS and benefit from the use of a centrally supported service while also having access to a wide range of applications.

This service is the same as what is available via a WTS PC. It's just the method of access which is different.


Imagine that you are on the move and want to use a particular application from an Internet Cafe which is only available on Staff WTS. Or perhaps you are using your laptop and need access to an important file you have saved on Staff WTS. As long as you have access to an Internet connection and a browser then you can log in to Staff WTS via the web.

This service is the same as what is available via a WTS PC, or a Standalone PC. It's just the method of access which is different.

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