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Adding a table

  1. Place the cursor where you want the table to appear in your document.
  2. Move your cursor over to the table toolbox located on the right.
  3. Choose the table properties in the table properties area of the toolbox.
  4. A 'plain' table has no borders, 'list' has a grey background, 'grid' and 'datagrid' have black borders.'Grey' is recommended for tables with a lot of data.
  5. Remember to tick 'create header' as this will allow those who use screen readers, to know in advance what the table is about. Screen readers are used by people with visibility issues.
    Recommended for reasons of accessibility.
  6. Click add 
  7. Click save

You can set the width of the columns after you've created them.

Initially, the width of all columns will be '1'. By changing '1' to e.g. '3' the column gets wider once updated.

Editing a table

Click anywhere in the table.
This will change the tables Toolbox located on the right.

You can then add or remove columns and rows and also change the ratio of the column widths e.g. where the ratio is 1,2 the right column is twice the size of the left column.

NB When editing a table, do not change the number of columns in the 'column-widths' field to be different to the number of columns already set in the table.

If you do, errors may occur on this page.

If you need to redo a table, you cannot copy and paste it, unfortunately.

However, you can move text, by selecting/highlighting it and then dragging it to the new location.

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