Table of contents (automatic)


This tool can help you display e.g. PDF files automatically, saving time!

You set up a table of contents (TOC), including what you would like to show, whether in alphabetical order or not etc.

Once done, any file that is uploaded to this area e.g. a pdf file, will automatically be added to the table of contents thus avoiding having to type the link words and make the link to the file.

It is important to give the file a proper name and file extension when adding it so avoid file01.pdf and instead call it e.g. Minutes-Meeting-March-2014.pdf


  1. Create a folder with the id e.g. 'minutes' and Title 'Minutes' - WAIT, read on first!
  2. When creating the folder, instead of leaving 'Silva document' as the default first item, click on Silva TOC;
  3. Click on Save;
  4. Go back into the new folder 'Minutes' and click on the 'index' page in the Modify column;
  5. Under 'Types to list' highlight 'Silva file' if you are going to add pdf files; You can highlight more types now or do this at a later date;
  6. Leave the depth as -1;
  7. If you name your files correctly, you can choose 'Yes' for Display description;
  8. If you want to show the icon for the pdf, choose 'Yes';
  9. Decide on the sort order;
  10. Click on 'save changes'.
  11. Navigate back to the Folder via the breadcrumb trail.

You can now add files

  1. The files will be displayed automatically once you've added these;
  2. Click on the dropdown and choose 'Silva file';
  3. Browse for the relevant pdf file;
  4. Give it a meaningful id and file extension e.g. MinutesMarch014.pdf
  5. Click on 'Save'.
  6. The file will now be automatically added to the Table of Contents.