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Submitting a web page for approval

NB Check your user settings and make sure you have included your email address.

If you're an author, you need to request approval of your content, by clicking on the Request approval button at the top of the page. Your site's Editor or Chief Editor will then review it, publish it, or inform you why it's not published.

As an author there are three ways to submit a request for approval for your work.
You can request approval for:

  1. a single document
  2. for a folder containing a number of documents
  3. for a publication containing many folders

Approval for a single document

  1. Navigate to the document you wish to submit to an editor for publication.
  2. Click on the publish tab in the top navigation bar of the Silva management area. This will take you to the publication status area. (Fig. 1.)
  3. You can request the document be published for a specific date range by filling in the content publish time and the expiration time. If your content is approved, it will become publicly visible only within the time frame specified. (Fig. 1.) Setting content publish time and expiration time is optional. When setting expiration, remember to turn it on (like an alarm clock).
  4. Fill in the request for approval form, you can add a note to the Editor if you wish, and click request approval.
  5. The Editor can respond to you via email. This will happen automatically if your Manager has set this up.
  6. If the Editor approves or rejects your request, you will be notified. At any time in between you can withdraw your request by visiting the document and clicking the revoke approval button (alt-v).
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Fig. 1. Submitting your work for publication.

An Author can include a message that is received by the Editor. Likewise, the Editor can reply if for some reason the request is rejected.

Approval for a folder or publication

Navigate to the folder or publication you wish to submit to an editor for publication. Continue using the steps for approval for a single document located above.

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