Staff Profile

For those departments / research centres that only have a small number of staff, you could use the external source Misc: Insert staff profile header:

Prof Dr Joanna Bloggs

Address: 10 Gower Street London WC1X WXX
Phone No: 020 71234567
Fax No: 020 71234765
Extension: 12345
Graduation: 1999
Expertise: UCL

Add Staff Profile Header

  1. Ensure you are using the Corporate Identity template
  2. Ensure you are on the relevant Silva document
  3. Ensure you have uploaded an image for the member of staff
  4. Ensure you have resized the image to about 100 pixels wide
  5. Click on external source
  6. Select 'Misc: Insert staff profile header'
  7. Click on add external source
  8. Complete all the boxes
  9. Click on add external source