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Each Silva Publication, Folder and Document has a property screen that can contain metadata and other settings describing that item. Some of the metadata are used to create so-called ‘metatags’ in HTML, that are used by Internet search engines when indexing your site’s pages.

Navigate to the Document, Folder or Publication and click on properties in the top navigation bar of the Silva management area. (Fig. 1.)

Updating metadata

You can change the metadata associated with an item by filling in values in the properties screen. Certain information is filled in automatically by Silva. (The core items such as creation time, modification time etc. in the silva-content and silva-meta sets are defined by Silva itself and are needed for Silva’s operation).

The content of some elements can be acquired from its parents. This is indicated by a dagger (†) in the “acquired content” column for that element. If there’s nothing entered higher up in the tree, then this column will be empty except for the dagger. If an acquired value is present, then the dagger is shown at the end of the text.

Metadata of Publications, Folders and Assets is not versioned and can always be edited.

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