News Article

To add Silva News Articles

It's also worth noting, that just as in a normal Silva publication, you can add folder structures within your news publication. Among other things, this could be useful for setting up news archives of older items.

How to add a news article

1. Ensure you are in the Contents screen at the appropriate level
i.e. where the News feature was created.

2. Click on News Publication / Seminar Publication
(depends on the title you gave the publication - it's orange!)

3. From the drop-down menu, select Silva article

4. Give the article an ID e.g. olympics-2012 (use keywords, with hyphens!) - important for Search Engine Optimisation.

5. Give the article a Title e.g. Olympics 2012  - keep it short.

6. Tick all-news and all-users

7. Click on save + edit

8. Type the article, save and publish.

9. To see the article, click on View.
The information about the article is visible to the right i.e. subject, target audience, publication date and display date.

Adding another article

You will undoubtedly need to write more than one article. To add another article:

1. Ensure you are in Publications

2. From the drop-down list select Silva article

3. Give the article an ID e.g. new-director-sls

4. Give the article a Title e.g. New Director SLS - keep it short.

5. Tick all-news and all-users

6. Click on save + edit

7. Type the article, save and publish