Configuring news services - advanced

Silva News is a very powerful way to create feeds of news stories, which can be displayed in varying ways. As mentioned in the introduction, it's based around four different components:

Silva News Library

The news library is a repository for all your news and events articles.

Note, you can only view individual articles here - you can't view the library itself. For instance, if you set up a library at , you wouldn't actually be able to view this URL to read news. To do this, you'll need a Silva News viewer...

Silva News Viewer

The Silva News viewer displays a web page containing a pre-formatted feed of news articles, as refined in the Silva News filter (see below). The viewer contains options for the number of days or items to show articles for, as well as the Silva News filter you're going to take articles from.

The news viewer can also provide RSS or Atom feeds for your news articles. In the top right hand corner of the viewer's editing interface, you'll see a box titled 'Syndication feed for news viewer'. Simply right click on either of the URLs below, and select 'Copy Link Location', and paste into wherever you need the URL to be used.

(For details about RSS, see UCL News: What is RSS?)

Silva News Filter

The Silva news filter produces a filtered collection of news articles. To set this up, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the news library/libraries you wish to pull articles from. Then choose the subjects and target audiences that you wish to take news from.

For instance, you may have a news library with 10 news articles. 5 of these may be set for the 'Environment' subject, another 5 may be set for the 'Neuroscience' subject. If you then set a filter up that takes news articles from this library, and only has the 'Neuroscience' subject checked, then only the 5 Neuroscience related articles will be selected by the filter.

If you want to de-select particular articles from the feed, click on the 'Items' tab at the top of the screen. This will show you all items being selected by the filter, and you can select/de-select them here.

Silva News Category Filter

By this point you may be getting a bit tired of the number of subjects/target audiences being shown when adding a new article - depending on where your site is, you could potentially be seeing hundreds of options.

To restrict these lists to just the subjects/target audiences you wish to use, create a new Silva News Category Filter at the same level as your News publication. After you've given it an id and name, just check the subjects and target audiences you'd like to be able to tick when adding news articles, or editing news filters. The rest will then disappear.