News Feature

The Silva News service lets you set up a web feed of news stories, which can be inserted into your site and displayed in various ways (including RSS or Atom feeds). This is then automatically updated as more news stories are added.

Silva News

The Silva News service is based on four components:

  • A news publication (the object that holds all your news stories)
  • A news viewer (the object that is going to display your news stories, based on the settings in the news filter)
  • A news filter (the object that states what news 'subjects' and 'target audiences' your news reader is going to show news stories for)
  • A news category filter (the object that states which subjects/audiences are available for news authors to tick)

If you're likely to have a wide range of news stories, you can check different subjects for each news story, have different filters/viewers for each type of subject, and therefore have different news pages for each news subject. 

A news story can have different subjects or audiences set for it. For instance, an article on the UCL News site might be based on the 'neuroscience' subject, and set for 'all audiences'.

To set up a basic news service

Since setting up Silva News can be quite complex and people have different requirements, we recommend you contact with your requirements and we will set it up for you.