Creating a new web page (Silva document)

  1. Ensure you are in the contents tab
  2. Click on the select: drop-down list
  3. Select Silva Document from the drop-down list
  4. Fill in the id1 and title for the document
  5. Press save or save and enter.


1The ID must be:

  • in lower case
    This, because it will form part of the URL and URLs should always be in lower-case!
  • not have any punctuations except for hyphens
    URLs never have symbols etc.
  • not have any spaces
    URLs never have spaces in the address.

The title field has no such limitations but it's best to keep the ID and the Title the same.  The page title will appear in the new document at the top of the page, in the breadcrumb trail as well as in the left-hand navigation.

Examples of IDs and Titles
ID Title
courses Courses
Types of Therapy