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Navigating around Silva

When you log in to Silva, the first screen you see is the contents screen. Also referred to as the back-end or the root of your site.

This represents your site's left-hand navigation, and any changes (e.g. order of folders, documents etc) made in the contents will be reflected in the navigation menu.

Horizontally across the top of the screen are the editor's navigation tabs. The highlighted contents tab at the far left is the active tab and is lighter blue because that's the tab you're currently in.

You will need to be a Chief Editor to see 5 tabs. Editor and Authors see fewer tabs.

Click on the various tabs at the top of your screen to have a look at the other management options.

  • The contents tab (where we now are) lists Documents, Folders and Publications. This is the first screen you see. New content is added here from the drop-down select list.
  • The preview tab provides a preview of edited and saved content before a page has been published (or made 'live').
  • The properties tab allows you to add further settings to your page or folder.
  • The access tab is where Chief Editors can set permissions for other Silva users as well as restrict access to sections of the site.
  • The publish tab shows the publication state of the site's contents.

The sidebar

The Silva sidebar on the left hand side is visible in all Publication and Folder screens, except in the preview screen. You can use this to navigate through your site, as it shows all folders present.

The breadcrumb trail

You can use the trail of links at the top of a Silva page to navigate through the site - this is the so-called 'breadcrumb' trail.

You need to use the breadcrumb trail to get back to the root of your site or folder if you have just edited a page.

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