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Media - video and audio

Do you have a media file?

This page aims to provide users with some basic information about media files i.e. to show users what to think about before and after creating media files like video and audio.


What type of file is it?

  • Quicktime (Apple) .mov
  • Quicktime (Apple) .m4a
  • .mp3,
  • .mp4
  • .avi
  • Flash media file (YouTube)

You would like to put an audio file on Silva
please follow these instructions

You would like to put a YouTube video on Silva
please follow these instructions

You would like your video to be put on the Flash Streaming Server
please follow these instructions

  • If it is none of the above formats, e.g. it's a DVD or a CD, then please contact UCL Multimedia to discuss how best to proceed.
Do you want to get help with the creation of the video / audio?

I would like to get help.

Please read the following scenarios and decide which one (if any) is the most appropriate for your situation.

Once you have decided, please contact UCL Multimedia and explain in your email what it is you require.

You will be contacted shortly to discuss the possibilities.

Do you want to create the video / audio yourself?

I would like to create the video / audio myself.

Because of their up-to-date knowledge of what will work best with current UCL systems, UCL Multimedia are keen to offer advice on the following, no matter what your level of expertise with video and audio is:

  • type of set-up required - what would work best for you and at UCL
  • purchasing equipment - what would work best for you and at UCL
  • your equipment - whether you need any further support
  • where you would like to have the video / audio output e.g. web page, Moodle
  • who is your audience and what resources do they have?

Please feel free to contact UCL Multimedia and discuss any of the above or any other concerns or queries you may have.

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