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Silva provides an indexing facility for your text. This means you can create an index of your work as you write your documents.

Indexer set-up 

For the index to work you need to first add an Indexer in the Folder or Publication your document is contained in. The Indexer is added outside Kupu in the contents screen.

Only documents that are published will be indexed. The Indexer should be updated whenever new index items are published. To update the indexer go to the edit screen for the indexer and click update.

Adding an index item 
  1. In the page that you want to index, click your cursor next to the text that you wish the indexer to reference. 
  2. Move your cursor to the anchor/index item toolbox on the right and give an identifiable anchor name and index title (the words that will appear in the index) into the form.
  3. Click add element.

NB the highlighted words will be invisible when you publish your document, they will just appear inside the indexer.

NB you can also use this tool to create joint anchor names and index items, as below:


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