Adding Google Analytics to Silva pages

If you'd like to use Google Analytics to track your Silva pages, you'll need to set up a new Google Analytics account:

Click on Create an account, and follow the instructions. 

If you're using a Google account to use with this, please ensure it is not a personal account, but one that can be shared with others in your department i.e. a departmental / research group account. 

You'll be provided with a tracking ID, like 'UA-1234-567-890'. Copy this.

  1. Go into the backend of Silva
  2. Click on the orange and black UCL Attributes object at the root of your website.
  3. Scroll to the bottom
  4. Enter this ID into the 'Google Analytics tracking code' field
  5. Save

Wait 48 hours before checking your Google Analytics report, as statistics may not be accurately displayed before this time.

Please note:

  • It's vital that you check your Analytics report after 48 hours, and not long afterwards, in case there's been a problem. This is because if something has gone wrong, you can't necessarily get your stats back later.
  • If you have other UCL attributes objects in your website, you'll need to set their Google Analytics tracking codes to the same code, otherwise those sections won't track visits.