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Alumni Give Online Button

You can add a button to your website which when you click on it, sends users to the UCL Online Giving website where they can donate money to a department.

It is one of the external sources and will only work in the Corporate Identity template.

You will need a Project code for this to work, though.

and find your department in the drop-down list. A new page will open with the relevant code at the end of the URL, for example D033 or D012.

If you cannot find the relevant code, please email:

To add the button:

  1. Ensure you are on the relevant page
  2. From external source, choose Misc: Add Alumni 'Give online' button
  3. Fill in the code
  4. Click on add external source
  5. The button should now appear where your cursor was

Page last modified on 26 apr 13 09:57