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Silva ghosts

Silva ghosts allow you to reference the content of one Silva document or folder in another part of a site.

The aim is to maintain one single version of the content in question, but to have it visible in different locations.

For example, you have created a page or a number of pages which are of interest to Current as well as Prospective Students.

  1. Create the information in Current Students
  2. Make a ghost in Prospective Students

Thus, if you want both versions changed, you only have to edit the original item in Current Students, and the copy (or ghost) in Prospective Students will automatically be amended.

Create a Silva ghost:

  1. Go to the contents of the folder you wish to create the ghost in and click 'New Silva Ghost';
  2. Give the ghost a suitable id, and then locate the reference of the original document i.e. the URL, and place this in the reference box;
  3. Click on Save.

You need to be a Chief Editor to be able to do this.

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