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Includes: Add a tabbed box


This code source will display a series of tabs, containing information selected from specified pages.

  1. You can only have one tabbed box on each Silva document or web page
  2. Printing a tabbed box will give you all the tabs and their contents
  3. You should avoid putting other external code sources inside a tab e.g. an accordion or columns!
Tabbed box (Live view)


  1. Create a folder and call it 'Tabs' and delete the index page.
  2. Hide the folder 'Tabs' from the left-hand navigation.
    This is done inside the Properties tab.
  3. Go into the 'Tabs' folder and create as many Silva documents as you want tabs. There is a limit to the width of the tabbed box.The width of each tab is determined by the Title you give it, so keep these short!
  4. Publish all the Silva documents inside the 'Tabs' folder.
  5. Go to the page where you want to display the tabs.
  6. Go to 'external source' and pull in the 'tabbed box':
Tabbed box code source

When inserting the code source into the page itself, select the 'Tabs' folder when prompted. You can also choose whether to show the titles for each of these pages.

If you say 'yes' to display titles, the title will appear both on the tab and at the top of the page, so we recommend you say 'no'.

The tabs will display the documents in alpha-numerical order.

Update (24/5/2010) - 'Set Cookies'

There is now an additional option available for this external source. You'll see an extra field labelled 'Set Cookies' - if this is ticked, visitors' browsers will 'remember' the last tab visited on your page. If they navigate away, then come back, this tab will remain open.
If this field isn't checked, the browser will always display the first tab whenever it visits the page.

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