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Prospectus Undergraduate


This code source is used to pull in centralised data.

You can use as much or as little of the data when you set this up and you can always add or take off information at a later date.


  1. Ensure you are are on the page where you would like the data to appear.
  2. Click on the external source on the left to bring up the dropdown menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom to Prospectus: Undergraduate
  4. Select it
  5. Click on add external source
  6. Fill in the relevant SITS code
  7. Tick each box you would like to show the information fore.g. if you only want to show people how to apply, you only tick the 'Apply button' box
  8. You can change the order in which information appears
  9. When finished, click on add external source

The information should now appear on the page in question.

Page last modified on 07 may 13 16:13