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Multimedia: Podcast Feed Widget


This code source is used to generate a UCL branded Podcast Feed Widget in both a full size and compact variant (as shown above). The colour of the top border will be the same as the banner colour of your website.

It is recommended the compact version should be used in the left and right hand columns of the layout.

Layout Compatibility: UCL Corporate Identity v1.0

Browser Compatibility: IE7+, Webkit (Chrome, Safari) and Firefox

Podcast Widget Full
Podcast Widget Compact


  1. Create a Silva Document where you'd like to display the Multimedia: Podcast Feed Widget
  2. Open the Silva Document and place the cursor where you wish to display the Podcast feed.
  3. Select ‘Multimedia: Podcast Feed Widget’ from the external sources and click 'add external source' to show:

    Podcast Widget Edit View
  4. Choose format, i.e 'Full' or 'Compact'.
  5. Enter the url to the podcast feed, this can be a UCL iTuneU feed, a Soundcloud feed or any other feed you want to add to your website.
  6. Specify the number of items you wish to display.
  7. The next two options are for advanced users only. These settings will modify the height and width of the audio/video player. If these are modified, the dimensions of the containers would also need to be modified via CSS using a local stylesheet. If you require different dimensions and are unsure what to do please contact for more details..
  8. Click 'add external source' again to save your preferences.
  9. Save and Publish your Silva Document and the feed should now display in the required location.

Advanced Modifications

Height override and Width override - Please contact for more details.

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