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News: Inline news or events viewers


Use this code source to display the basics details of a set number of news articles or events from an existing Silva news or events viewer.

Inline news or events viewers allow you to customise how you view a news feed: you can set the number of news articles being shown, as well as what basic details are displayed (e.g. to show introductory paragraphs or just titles, dates, etc.)

The example below is of the News Viewer:

INV Code source


  1. Choose a news or events viewer from the external sources menu.

If you'd like to pull news from a news viewer in your own publication, ensure that the page containing this external source is either on the same level as the news viewer, or in a folder below this.

Customise the other options to display the viewer as you'd prefer.

NB You choose 'Widget' if you want to pull in the news in a column, rather than a page e.g. in the index_right or index_left

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