HTML: Insert HTML code


Any HTML code that needs to be added to Silva, would need to be added using this external code source.

The following are examples of when you would use this code source:

  1. To embed a YouTube video (you get the embed code from the relevant YouTube video, by looking for 'embed').
  2. To embed a Google map (you get the embed code for the relevant map by looking for 'embed').
  3. To add a space e.g. between an image and text below the image
  4. etc.

Both YouTube and Google allow you to customise the width and height and we recommend about 450pixels wide if it's going to live on a web page, but 185pixels wide if it sits in the right or left-hand column in Silva.


Insert the relevant content as prompted, and click add external source.

The example below is NOT related to Google maps. It's just an example of where to put the code.

HTML code source

Note: Server-side languages (e.g. PHP, ASP) will not work using this code source.