Events: Add events calendar feed v2


This external source will allow you to display a number of events from the UCL Events Calendar.

Events calendar feed code source


  1. Choose Add events calendar feed v2 from the external sources dropdown menu.
  2. Title: The title that appears at the top of the listings.
  3. XML file: This is the address of the XML file for your events' listing. You can find this by browsing to an events calendar tag, such as or an events calendar tab, such as: add 'events.xml' to the end of your URL, e.g.
  4. Number of events: Select the number of events to be displayed from this (between 1 and 8)
  5. id: This is the id of a div that contains the events' listing. Only change this if you're using the 'local-styles.css' object to style your site.
  6. List style: Select between 'Brief', 'Normal' or 'Full', to display varying amounts of data from your feed.
  7. Subscription options: Show these if you wish to display the options for visitors to subscribe to these events using iCal.
  8. Click on add external source.