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You will need a number of things to be able to add a Twitter Feed:

  1. Your Twitter User ID
  2. Your Twitter Widget ID


  1. You should know your own Twitter ID.
  2. Below is how to create a Twitter widget as you'll need the Widget ID:


 How to create a Twitter widget
What to do
What happens / what it looks like / further info
Log on to your Twitter Account  
Click on the 'cog'- icon - currently top-right
Cog icon
Click on Settings Settings
Click on Widgets
(currently bottom of the list)
Click on 'Create new'
Your username will appear automatically
Create widget
Keep the tick in the box for 'No replies'
unless you would like the replies as well
Keep the tick in the box for 'Auto-expand photos'
Height This gets done by Silva.
Theme This gets done by Silva.
Link colour Automatically assigned.
  Tick the box for 'Opt-out of tailoring Twitter'.
Create Widget  

You should now see some code. Copy the code onto Notepad, or Text edit or Word
and then copy the Widget ID: e.g. 302225390473461722

  1. From External Source on the right, choose Social Media: Twitter
  2. Click on add external source
  3. Fill in the Twitter User ID
  4. Fill in the Widget ID
  5. No need to set the Theme
  6. No need to set the Link colour
  7. No need to set Height and Width
  8. Click on add external code source
  9. Save
  10. Preview

You should now see the Twitter Feed on the Silva document.

Make adjustments if necessary, otherwise Publish.

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