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Display CSV content

Use this to display content in your Silva Document from a CSV file.

  1. Go to the contents page for the root of your site
  2. Select new 'Silva CSV Source' from the 'new' dropdown menu
  3. When prompted, supply the id, title, and browse to the CSV file you'd like to upload
  4. Go to the Silva document that you'd like to use to display the CSV content. In the external source listing, you'll now see the name of the CSV file you've just uploaded.
  5. Select it, and click 'add external source'
  6. Choose the table style
  7. Choose the batch size (that is, the maximum number of rows to show from your CSV file)

Once saved and published, this will show CSV content laid out in a basic table.

Page last modified on 26 apr 13 11:52