Includes: Columns


This page is for the following external sources:

  • Includes: Add Silva document into one column
  • Includes: Add Silva documents into two columns
  • Includes: Add Silva documents into three columns
  • Includes: Add Silva documents into four columns

Use these external sources to set up different numbers of columns on your webpage, as in the images below (the blue borders highlight where the external source is appearing):

Three columns:

three columnsTwo column external source


  • Choose the relevant external source, depending on how many columns you wish to insert.
  • When prompted, get the references of the documents you wish to insert into these columns
Columns external source

There are a few additional parameters:

  • Equal Height Column: If you wish to style these with CSS, you may want to give the columns equal heights, by simply ticking the box here. If you're not sure about this, just leave it blank.
  • Display Document Titles: Set this to 'yes' if you want to show the titles of the documents you're inserting into these pages
  • Content Division Ratios: You can set the ratios of the widths of these columns. For instance, if you were inserting an external source that displayed two columns, and you set this to '50%, 50%', the two columns would show with equal widths.