Images: Add looped slideshow (Basic)

NB this external source can only be used with the UCL Corporate Identity layout.

Use this external source to set up a basic looped slideshow for wide images, with links for each of the displayed images.

Carousel example

Before using this, set up a Silva folder containing the images you wish to be displayed. These must use the same dimensions.

Next, set up a Silva link for each image within the same folder. The id for each Silva link must be the same as the related image's, but with '-link' added to the end. So, if you add a link for an image that has an id of 'people', the Silva link's id must be 'people-link'.

In the external source, select this folder in the 'Image folder' parameter.

If you're using the 'local-styles.css' stylesheet to style the gallery, you can also change the 'id' of the containing div, using the 'id' field. Otherwise, just leave this parameter as it is.

Also, if you're using more than one of these galleries in a page, ensure that the 'id' is different for each one.

Important: This external source is recommended for wider images, like the one above. The external source displays a dot for each image: if the width of these dots exceeds the width of the image, they will continue on to the next line, which may not look as elegant.