Includes: Add an accordion


Accordions are particularly good for displaying small bits of information. For extensive information, it is not recommended to use accordions.

Other things to keep in mind are:

  1. Accordions are useful, for example,  if people need to access information about different modules.
  2. Accordions are not useful if you are going to have many e.g. we don't recommend you use accordions for FAQs as the list is likely to grow over time.
  3. Depending on the browser used, it is not possible to print all sections of an accordion in one go. Therefore, if you're setting up a page that's likely to be printed, this code source is not recommended.
  4. Please don't use accordions within another code source, e.g. a tabbed box!


  1. Create a folder called 'Accordion' with no index page.
  2. Create as many Silva documents as you want tabs e.g. modules, fees, language, admission etc. and add the relevant information on each Silva document.
  3. Publish the Silva documents now.
    If you don't, the accordion(s) won't show!
  4. On the page where you want the accordion to appear, click on add external source
  5. Choose Includes: add an accordion
  6. From Get reference, choose the folder accordion you created earlier
  7. Click on add external source
  8. Save and preview the page.
  9. Publish and view the page.
  10. Hide the accordion folder in Properties.

NB If you need more than 1 accordion on a page, name the first folder 'accordion01', the next one 'accordion02' etc. so you can refer to the correct one each time.