Assigning roles

It is part of a Chief Editor's role to give people Editor/Author access to a website or to specific folders.

CEs will need to check if their Editors have attended Silva training before they can give them access.

To give access to a user for a Silva site:

  1. Ensure you are in the Contents screen.
  2. Navigate to the relevant Folder e.g. Staff.
  3. Click on the Access tab at the top of the screen.
  4. To the far right, under user clipboard, click on lookup users.
  5. In the box, next to UCL username, type the user’s userID e.g. ccaaxxx
  6. Click on Search.The userID will appear in the search results with a tick-box to the left.
  7. Tick the box and click on add to clipboard. The userID is now visible on the clipboard.
  8. If you need to give more people access to the same site, continue searching for userIDs and add these until they are all on the clipboard.
  9. Click back on the access tab where you will again see the list of current users with access.
  10. Select the user ID(s) of the relevant person(s).
  11. Go to the user clipboard area again in the top right-hand corner and from the drop-down menu next to select role choose the role e.g. Editor, Author and click on assign.

The username should appear in the list in the middle column with the correct role next to it.

You can now inform the user that they have access to the folder in question.