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You want to provide users with a link to text further down a page, to avoid them having to scroll. This is called an anchor and creating such an anchor is a two-step process:

Step 1 – 'drop the anchor' i.e. this is where you want to 'land'

Step 2 – 'link the anchor' i.e. this is where you want to 'jump from'

It is important to follow the steps in the order suggested above.

To create an anchor (Step 1):

  1. Ensure you are in the relevant page.
  2. Place your cursor above the word / phrase where you want the user to 'land'. Make sure you are not in a 'heading style'. If so, change to 'plain'.
  3. Click on the arrow next to anchor/index item.
  4. Click in the anchor name box and type a word which describes the anchor e.g. admission Be careful to type it with no spaces and in lower-case.
  5. Click on add element.

The word/phrase will now appear highlighted in yellow, with square brackets around it.

To create a link to the anchor (Step 2):

7. Select the word / phrase you want to 'jump from'.

8. Expand the Link tab, if necessary.

9. Type a hash (#) followed by the anchor name e.g. 'admission'
Be careful to type it exactly as you did before, with no spaces and in lowercase.

10. Click on add link.

11. Save and publish the page.

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