Making a Silva site live

Whilst you are building a site, the URL will be:
Once the site is live, the URL will be:
How do I edit once the site is live?
You either put /edit at the end of the URL or you click on the little grey cross at the bottom right.

You need to do the following and do ask if you don't understand!

  1. Let us know the week you would like the site to be live by emailing or

    1. We need at least a week's notice! At times we need even more time if there are many sites that need to go live in the same week.
    2. We make sites live on Wednesdays.
    3. We never make sites live in the week immediately before the Xmas or Easter break as we may not have enough resources to help in case there is a problem with the new site.

  2. Do NOT publicise the URL until the site is live! So be very careful with publicity materials.
    Talk to us first if there is going to be printed material with the URL on it.

  3. Making a site live can take up to 2 hours' work so remember it's not just switching a switch at our end.
    It actually involves doing work and depending on the size of the site this can take up a long time!
    We then have to ask another team to do some more work and when they do this will depend on their workload and priorities!

  4. If your site is replacing an existing site with the same URL, it is absolutely vital that the site is ready when you ask us to make it live.
    Because, when we migrate it will go live immediately.

  5. You will get a reply with a date when you should stop making changes as any changes made after this date may result in your losing data!

  6. We will check the site and before it goes live, we may get back to you with suggestions for improvements to the site; these are often related to usability and accessibility - this may result in the site having to go live later than expected!

  7. Please check all the links on your site and ensure you are completely happy with the site before announcing it 'to the world'.

  8. Email to ask for the site to be added to UCL's Search Engine Funnelback so that it appears high in the search when looking for it on the UCL website