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Silva Guide A-Z

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Abbreviate title in breadcrumb trail

Giving access

Restricting access

Accessibility, Usabilty and SEO

Accordion (external source)

Addables (reducing the number)

Adding a paragraph break

Adding links

Adding an email link

Adding subject line to email link

Adding a file (uploading a file)

Adding a video (external source)

Alt tags (image titles necessary for accessibility)

Alumni 'Give online button' (external source)

Google Analytics


Approval (submitting for - by Authors)

Atom feeds (Silva news viewers)


Audio (adding an audio file)


Changing the UCL banner colour

Changing text in the UCL banner

Bartlett Faculty

Browser Support


Caption images (external source)

Captioned image randomiser (external source)

Carousel slideshow (external source)


Closing a Silva Document (stop it being 'live')

Code Sources (See External Sources)

Inserting content into left and right columns (external source)

Inserting columns into Silva document (external source)

Colour of Silva pages in editing mode

Contacts document

Creating a new folder (Silva folder)

Creating a new web page (Silva document)

Creating space (e.g. between image and Heading)


CSV (external source)


Deleting a paragraph break

Deleting a Silva Document

Deleting a Silva Folder

Silva Document

Publishing Silva Documents

Display a Silva Document within a Silva Document (external source)


Email (adding a link to an email address)

Email 'Subject line' (adding subject line automatically)

Events FAQs

Events calendar external source

Expiration time

Export - full media export (Chief Editors only)

External sources


Embed Flash SWF file

Upload a File

News filter

Find and Replace (not available in Silva)

Silva Folder

Deleting a Silva Folder

Forms in Silva (external source)


Gallery (Also see external source galleries: looped carousel (basic); carousel slideshow (advanced)

Silva Ghosts

Give online button

Google Analytics

Google Analytics FAQs

Groups management


Hide a Silva document from the left-hand navigation

Hide a Silva Folder from the left-hand navigation

Home link (link for users to take them to first page of website)

Horizontal rule (external source)

HTML external source (external source)

HTML view


Images (adding)

Add image randomiser (external source)

Importing content into Silva

Silva Indexer

Index item

Inline News Viewer (external source)

IRIS (Institutional Research Info System)


Kupu (What is Kupu?)


Inserting content into the left column

Adding links

Cannot link to page (nothing to reference to)

Live (going 'live')

Logging into Silva


Making a site live

Maps of UCL (useful link for your website)

Maps (adding a Google map)

Metadata (adding metadata to a Silva document)

Media (adding video or audio) (external source)


Navigating around Silva

New (Silva) Folder

New (Silva) Document (Web page)

New version (of a Silva Document)

New website

News FAQs

News (Silva News Feature)

News article (adding)


OnCite (now RPS)


Paragraph break

Password protect

Podcasts (external source)

Previewing a Silva document


Prospectus Graduate

Prospectus Undergraduate

Publication time

Publishing a Silva document (web page)

Publishing a Silva site when ready

Publishing (overview - advanced users only)


Displaying a random document (external source)

Reducing the length of a title

Removing / adding a break

Renaming a Silva document or folder

Requesting approval (for a Silva Document to be published)

Requesting a new website

Resizing an image

Restricting access

Retrieve an earlier version of a Silva document

Revision (of a publication)

Inserting content into the left column

Roles in Silva explained (e.g. Chief Editor, Editor etc.)

RPS publications (Research Publications)

What is RSS?

RSS Aggregator

Including an RSS feed into a document (external source)

RSS feeds (generated by Silva News viewers)


Saving a Silva document (web page)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Shorten title in breadcrumb trail

Silva Document (creating a new web page)

Silva links


Slade Video Tutorials (Slade staff only)

Social bookmarking (external source)

Source Codes (also called: External Sources)

Space (adding white space)

Staff Profile (external source)


Subject line in email

Submitting for approval (only done by Authors)

Embed SWF file (external source)


Adding a tabbed box (external source)

Table of contents

Adding tables in Kupu

Twitter Feed


UCL Attributes (see Attributes)

UCL Corporate Identity Gallery

Updating published content

Uploading a file into Silva

Uploading an image into Silva

User Settings


Document versioning

News viewer

Video (external source)


Webpage (new)

Writing for the Web

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